Looking for wheels in Lake Charles, LA and Sulphur, LA?

Customize your ride with new wheels from Pumpelly Tire. New wheels will turn any vehicle into a ride you can proudly show off! Pumpelly Tire is Lake Charles, LA and Sulphur, LA’s premier dealer of the industry's leading name brand wheels to help all drivers in creating a vehicle look entirely customized to their request. With an unbeatable selection of wheels to choose from in Lake Charles, LA and Sulphur, LA, find wheels of any size, budget and specification at Pumpelly Tire.

No matter what you are looking for, our experts are eager to help transform your ride from ordinary to extraordinary with custom wheels and expert advice! Contact our knowledgeable staff today to find wheels that are a perfect match for your vehicle and lifestyle.

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  • Akita Wheels
    Akita Wheels
  • American Racing Wheels
    American Racing Wheels
  • Avenue Wheels
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  • Dip Wheels
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  • Gitano Wheels
    Gitano Wheels
  • Heavy Hitters Wheels
    Heavy Hitters Wheels
  • Helo Wheels
    Helo Wheels
  • Hostile Wheels
    Hostile Wheels
  • Ion Alloy Wheels
    Ion Alloy Wheels
  • Ion Bilt Wheels
    Ion Bilt Wheels
  • Ion Forged Wheels
    Ion Forged Wheels
  • KMC Wheels
    KMC Wheels
  • Lorenzo Wheels
    Lorenzo Wheels
  • Mayhem Wheels
    Mayhem Wheels
  • Mazzi Wheels
    Mazzi Wheels
  • Milanni Wheels
    Milanni Wheels
  • MKW Wheels
    MKW Wheels
  • Motegi Racing Wheels
    Motegi Racing Wheels
  • Moto Metal Wheels
    Moto Metal Wheels
  • OE Creations Wheels
    OE Creations Wheels
  • RDR Wheels
    RDR Wheels
  • Ridler Wheels
    Ridler Wheels
  • Sacchi Wheels
    Sacchi Wheels
  • Sevizia Wheels
    Sevizia Wheels
  • Status Wheels
    Status Wheels
  • Touren Wheels
    Touren Wheels
  • Tuff A.T. Wheels Wheels
    Tuff A.T. Wheels Wheels
  • VCT Wheels
    VCT Wheels
  • Veloche Wheels
    Veloche Wheels
  • Verde Wheels
    Verde Wheels
  • Versante Wheels
    Versante Wheels
  • Vision Wheels
    Vision Wheels
  • Wheel Replicas Wheels
    Wheel Replicas Wheels